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The SOTOGRANDE RALLY® 2017 was a five-day event for vintage cars first registered between 1920 and 1965. This selection of flawless mechanics, exclusive workmanship and exceptional models from a bygone age took part in a serene and impressive rally starting in Seville with a stop-over in Cordoba and finishing in Sotogrande.

From Wednesday 24 to Sunday 28 May 2017 the rally and journey led participants, many of whom have a history in racing, off the beaten track along the backdrop of spectacular roads, charming white hill villages and magnificent mountain scenery. The SOTOGRANDE RALLY® was a truly memorable experience.

The precise route was announced just before the start of the race, when the drivers will be issued with pace notes providing full information about route, checkpoints and neutralisation points.

On the Saturday evening, a gala dinner took place in a unique location. On Sunday the SOTOGRANDE RALLY® concluded in Sotogrande with an impressively stylish day which will include the SOTOGRANDE CONCOURS D’ÉLÉGANCE® and the arrival of the SOTOGRANDE GT Tour®.


Rally & Balade

The rally from Seville to Sotogrande took approximately three days to complete, with average speeds monitored and regularity tests (RTs) applied. The cars covered around 300 km per day, mainly on public roads, with intermediate dexterity and speed tests. On Friday, a spectacular speed test – The FLYING ¼ MILE® – washeld at the Guardiaro River Bridge in Sotogrande.

In addition to the rally for cars registered between 1920 and 1965, vintage cars also took part in a balade. This untimed ‘car trip with road book’ followed a shorter route in the same region. The drive was a great way for participants to enjoy all the best that Andalusia has to offer.

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